Important Safe Banking Tips

Digital Banking helps you to have Banking at your fingertips. Here are some safety measures which you should always follow during Digital Banking

• Set up a PIN/password to access your mobile phone.

• Do not share your MPIN (Mobile Banking PIN) of your Mobile Banking application/ OTP (One Time Password) with anyone.

• Do not follow any URL in message that you are not sure about.

• Clear the browsing history, clear cache and temporary files stored in the memory while sharing your handset with others as they may contain your account numbers and other sensitive information.

• Do not save confidential information such as your debit/credit card numbers, CVV numbers or PINs on your mobile phone.

• Suggest to install an effective mobile anti-malware/anti-virus software on your smartphone and keep it updated.

• Keep your mobile's operating system and applications, including the browser, updated with the latest security patches and upgrades.

• Do not enable auto-fill or save your MPIN for Mobile Banking application.

• If possible, maximize the security features by enabling encryption, remote wipe and location tracking on device.

• Never leave your mobile phone unattended.

• Turn off wireless device services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when they are not being used. The Bluetooth can be set up in invisible mode.

• Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi, public or shared networks for online transactions.

• Do not use "jailbroken" or "rooted" devices for online banking. Jailbreaking or rooting a device (the process of breaking into the phone's built-in operating system to control it outside the vendor's original intention) exposes the device to additional malware and gains administrative or privileged access of OS.

• Only download applications from official App stores such as App Store, Android Marketplace and Google Play Store.

• Never disclose personal information such as date of birth, last name, mother’s maiden name, MPIN, OTP, ATM PIN, CVV, card details, PAN and Aadhaar details etc. or online banking credentials via e-mail or text message as these can be used for identity theft.

• Log out from online Mobile Banking application as soon as you have completed your transactions.

• Be aware of shoulder surfers. Be extra careful while typing confidential information such as your account details and MPIN on your mobile in public places.

• In case of any unauthorized transaction, please immediately inform the bank to block your account.

• Refrain from downloading any applications such as Anydesk, Team viewer etc. on the phone if suggested by the caller as this would allow the caller to view the information displayed on your screen device at his end through screen mirroring.

• Register for Alerts (SMS and Email) so that when there is any activity on your bank account you will receive an alert.

• Always check your bank statements and online banking transaction history regularly to help identify any issues or irregularities

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