Bhavishya Savings Account

Bhavishya Savings Account brings you great benefits and features to help your child save and grow while saving money from a very early age. The account comes with a free Platinum RuPay Debit card and no commitment to maintain any minimum monthly average balance, all at a nominal annual subscription charges. Deposit, withdraw, transfer/receive funds, shop, pay bills and do much more with your account without any hassles across India and receive free SMS alerts for each transaction.

Key features

  • Monthly Average Balance requirement: Nil
  • Aadhaar seeding facility to receive scholarship subsidy and other benefits directly in your account
  • Mobile Banking access (with view rights) to conveniently manage the account, anywhere and anytime
  • Upto 5 free ATM transactions in a month*
  • Free cash deposit limit upto Rs.50,000 per month
  • Free cash withdrawal at Fino Bank branches
  • Free SMS alerts

Annual Subscription charges for the account: Rs.349 (inclusive of GST)

#Interest on balances in Savings Bank Account with Fino Payments Bank up to INR 2 Lakhs is 2.75% p.a. with effect from 01st May 2021.

Interest on balances in sweep account opened with Partner Bank – Up to INR 1 Lakh - 4% p.a., over INR 1 lakh and up to INR 10 Lakh - 6.25% p.a. and above INR 10 Lakh - 6% p.a. Applicable interest will be calculated on the incremental amount for the slabs.

Interest on balances held in savings account with Fino Payments Bank is credited to the customer’s account on a quarterly basis.

The maximum threshold limit of the account is Rs. 50000.

No sweep facility shall be provided in minor account. Maximum 3 accounts allowed under single parent.

Child account will be unique and shall not be allowed to open another minor account.

Mobile number of parent shall be different from registered mobile number of minor account.

No add product will be allowed in Minor Account.

The transactions are allowed only through Aadhar Authentication and Debit Card can be used for financial/non financial transactions.

Minor will have view rights in FinoPay.

Note: Interest Rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of Fino Payments Bank and Partner Bank for sweep account. Balance above INR 2,00,000 on EOD will be transferred to customer’s sweep account held with Partner Bank.

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