ICICI Lombard Family Floater

Cover yourself and your entire family against the financial burden of critical illnesses. Family Floater is a health insurance product where in the customer is covered for hospitalisation expenses like room rent, surgeon’s fees, nursing expenses and consultants. The policy also covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses - 30 days pre-hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation are taken into consideration. In addition, specific day care surgeries are also covered with expense capping.

key features

  • The individual can cover himself / herself along with his family upto 4 members totally. (2 Adults and 2 Children maximum). The customer cannot cover his parents
  • Under this policy, the limit of sum assured can be utilised by any of the members covered. For example, if you buy a family floater of Rs 2 lakh, then any member can utilise this entire limit
  • Premium: The premium payable under this product is as follows:
Sum Insured Band Individual Self + Spouse Self, spouse and 2 dependants
Rs. 100000 Rs. 3540 Rs. 3540 Rs. 4248
Rs. 200000 Rs. 4956 Rs. 4956 Rs. 5664
  Above rates are inclusive of GST
  • Policy term: The policy term for this product is one year
  • Premium payment term: The premium is only paid once at the time of buying the policy and so, premium payment term is not applicable
  • Sum assured: There are two types of sum insured of which the customer has to opt for one:
    • Rs 1 lakh
    • Rs 2 lakh
  • Age limits: The age limits applicable in this product are 90 days to 60 years
  • Pre-existing disease coverage: Pre-existing diseases will be covered after 2 years
  • Waiting period: The waiting period applicable under this policy is 30 days
  • Exclusions: Lasik Surgery, Septoplasty, Infertility & related ailments including Male sterility, Treatment on trial/experimental basis, Admin/Registration/Service/Misc. Charges, Expenses on fitting of Prosthesis, Any device/instrument/machine contributing/replacing the function of an organ, Holter Monitoring, Maternity and total joint replacement are exclusions under this policy. Following diseases are covered with capping
    Diseases (if not pre existing disease) Capping
    Cataract Rs. 25000
    Appendix Rs. 18000
    Eye related Rs. 22000
    Gall Bladder Rs. 22000
    Hernia Rs. 18000
    Hydrocele Rs. 12000
    Hysterectomy Rs. 25000
    Piles Rs. 15000
    Kidney Stone (inc DJ stent removal for same stone) Rs. 30000
    Nasal Sinus surgeries Rs. 35000
    Psychiatric ailments Rs. 30000
    Cyberknife treatment 50% co- pay
    Stem cell transplantation 50% co- pay
    Cochlear Implant treatment upto 50% of Sum Assured


Policy Renewal through SMS

Now, Fino Payments Bank Savings Account and Current Account customers can themselves opt for renewing their Family Floater insurance policies by sending SMS RENEWto 8506978686 from their registered mobile numbers. Prior to 30 days of the policy expiry, SMS notification shall be sent to the customers with the exact amount which they need to maintain in their accounts for Policy Renewal. Once the policy is expired and the SMS is received from the customer to renew his/her existing policy, the policy shall be renewed within T+1 day (T being the policy expiry day). Customer shall receive SMS confirmation with Fino’s Internet Banking link. The customer may log into the Internet Banking with his/her credentials and find the policy Certificate of Insurance (COI) there.

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