Cash Bazar

Introducing Cash Bazaar, where you would be able to avail Cash In & Cash Out services at any Fino BC Merchant point near you!

  • Cash In – DMT, Cash Deposit into your account & payment service
  • Cash Out – AePS & MATM Cash Withdrawal from your account.

Cash Bazaar is a unique service introduced by Fino Payments Bank where a cash rich and cash deficient customers / non customers of the bank can find out the nearest point where they would be able to fulfill their requirement.

For payment services, the customers or agents of our clients can come and deposit cash at our merchant points without the need to carry the risk of carrying cash with them.

Anyone can use Cash Bazaar service of Fino Payments Bank whether they have an account with Fino Payments Bank or not.

Download FinoPay app now! from Play Store/App Store & use Cash Bazaar service to complete your financial transaction requirement.


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