Aadhaar Seeding

Fino Payments Bank Ltd is part of Aadhaar authentication ecosystem.

We are connected with NPCI for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) registration through APBS (Aadhaar Payment Bridge System) which is part of GOI initiative for passing benefits to last mile consumer to his bank account across India.

We also have a tie up with  PFMS(Public Financial Management System) for catering to larger section of customer who can avail  DBT benefit.

Aadhaar seeding allows you to avail various government benefits directly in your Fino Payments Bank Account. We provide this facility to all our savings account customers. You can opt for this facility while opening your account.

If you have not opted for it yet or you have seeded your Aadhaar number with another bank and wish to seed it with us, then simply raise a service request by visiting your nearest Fino Payments Bank branch or log in to our mobile banking application Bpay.

Your account will be seeded with us in a few simple steps.

Fill up the form below to apply for Aadhaar Seeding

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