What is Fino VKYC Process?

  • Fino Video KYC or VKYC is a self on boarding process for potential Merchants of Fino Payments Bank to open a BC Pool Account and start operating as Fino Payments Bank Business Correspondent.
  • Through Fino VKYC Process, the potential Merchant at the comfort of his shop can submit his KYC Documents while being on the Video KYC session, validate his details and get his BC Pool Account opened.
  • The Video KYC session is attended by Fino Payments Bank Employee and a Concurrent auditor to verify the details and KYC documents submitted.
  • Post due diligence at Concurrent Auditor’s end, the BC Pool Account of the potential Merchant is opened.
  • Fino VKYC Process is a secure, intuitive and seamless method of capturing the KYC details of the potential Merchants.
  • This is a Self Help mode for becoming FPB Merchants without any need of visiting any FPB branch or meeting any Sales Representative of FPB or any FPB Distributor.
  • This is enabled on the Mitra Application only.
  • So, anyone who wants to become FPB Merchant, needs to do the following, and get started:
    • Download Mitra Application from the Google Playstore.
    • Click on Become Fino Merchant tab on Home screen.
    • Follow the instructions for completing the Fino VKYC process.
    • Capture their Finger Prints using Biometric Device at their end (Morpho/Evolute/Mantra Brand).
    • Deposit the Initial Funding in their newly opened Merchant Account via IMPS on their registered mobile no. with FPB or by doing cash deposit on their registered mobile no. with FPB on assisted channel (branch or merchant.

Benefits of becoming Fino Merchant:

  • Convert your premise to a banking outlet.
  • Earn respect as an neighbourhood banker of the area.
  • Utilize existing devices - mobile and desktop.
  • Provide range of Banking Products and Services.
  • Generate additional income as commission on every transaction.

Benefits of Fino VKYC

  • Easy and intuitive process
  • Join Fino Merchant Family by being at home
  • Start operations as Fino Merchant in no time

Prerequisites of FPB VKYC

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Well lit room with white background
  • Good connectivity
  • For Fino VKYC session you need to be in your shop
  • RD Token

How to get started using FPB KYC?

Fill up the form below to apply for Fino VKYC

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