Postal Ballot

Postal Ballot

3rd July 2023

Postal Ballot (June-July) E-Voting Results and Report

3rd June 2023

Postal Ballot(June-July)- Newspaper Publication

2nd June 2023

FPBL_Postal Ballot_Notice_22.05.2023

25th April 2023

Postal Ballot (March-April)-E -voting results and Report

24th March 2023

Postal Ballot (March-April 2023)-Notice

24th March 2023

Postal Ballot(March-April)- Newspaper Publication

1st February 2023

Postal Ballot(Dec-Jan) – Voting results & Report

2nd January 2023

Postal Ballot Notice: (Dec-Jan)- Newspaper Publication

30th August 2022

Postal Ballot(July-Aug) - E-voting Results & Report

27th July 2022

Postal Ballot(July-Aug) - Newspaper Publication

20th July 2022

Postal Ballot(July-Aug) - Notice

30th April 2022

Postal Ballot(Mar-Apr) E-voting results & Report

30th March 2022

Postal Ballot(Mar-Apr) - Newspaper Publication

23rd March 2022

Postal Ballot(Mar-Apr) - Notice

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