Cash Management Services

Fino Payments Bank’s Cash Management Service helps our partners reduce challenges of managing physical cash and mitigates risk of cash in transit.


Our processes are robust to help you free up your operational efficiencies of managing cash. Manned by professionals who have been in the business of managing cash, Fino’s cash management services are your first choice when it comes to unlocking your efficiencies.


Our cash management services are targeted at corporates which handle significant volumes of cash such as:

  • Lenders, micro-financers who manage EMI payments in cash
  • e-Commerce companies or logistic companies who offer Cash on Delivery services
  • insurance companies collecting premiums in cash

The benefits of availing Fino’s cash management services are:

  • Extensive distribution network especially in tier 3 and beyond locations
  • Robust technology and processes
  • Flexibility in cash deposit timing
  • Core forte includes cash handling and field operations
  • Customized report and analytics


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